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When traveling, keeping in touch back home with work, friends, and the family is important. A cellphone is an ideal way to allow people to contact you as well as you to make phone calls when needed. Using a cellphone in a foreign country can be very confusing as there are multiple ways to use one while traveling abroad.

This website is meant to provide information for using a cellphone while away. It provides information for a first time user of a cellphone while also providing resources for more advances users.

Find out about Ways To Use Your Cellphone While Abroad

Find out if your phone works in the country you are visiting by going to our GSM Cellular Providers and Frequencies of the World section. (Currently only Europe, North America, Oceania, and South America but more to come soon).

AT&T Mobility and Terrestar Partner to Start Offering Hybrid Satellite Phone and Cell Phone

After launching its satellite, TerrStar-1, Terrestar in partnership with AT&T Mobility have announced that they are preparing to launch a hybrid phone. The hybrid phone is due to be launched later this year and will use the mobile GSM network from AT&T Mobility when available. When travelling outside of AT&T's GSM network, the phone will automatically switch to the Terrestar satellite.

When in Satellite mode, the phone can be used anywhere in the United States. Whether you are climbing the Rockies are exploring the desert in Arizona, you will have coverage.

The current GSM network coverage map for AT&T Mobility in the USA can be viewed here.

For more infomatin, check out wikinews.

by Wayne Nicholson (admin)

Roaming in Europe just got cheaper

Starting July 1st 2009, price caps take effect limiting the price that cell phone carriers in the European Union can charge their customers. This means that roaming for Europeans just got cheaper.

If you have a cell phone with a European phone number (that is a European mobile carrier's SIM card) then you can use it outside the country where you bought it a lot cheaper. So if you have got a SIM card in Italy with an Italian phone number and you then travel to Germany and use your mobile phone there, the cost is limited.

The new limits on the charges that European mobile carriers can charger their customers while using their cell phones outside their carrier's mobile network are to go down an average of 60% inside the 27 European Union member states.

The price caps are:

  • 0.11 euros (18 cents) for each text message sent.
  • 0.19 euros (31 cents) per minute for incoming voice calls.
  • 0.43 euros (70 cents) per minute for outgoing voice calls.

5 Ways To Save On Your Cellular International Roaming

Do you travel abroad for work or for play and need hate the bills that you get from international cell phone roaming? Well I completely understand. Go Figure! After having recently returned from a nice relaxing holiday in Europe (Amsterdam, Prague and Vienna) I can definitely relate if you are one of those people who thoroughly enjoy 1 Euro half pint beers, but feel the hangover kick in a month later when you open that 100 Euro mobile phone bill. Funny how that works huh? You work so hard to save money via outsourcing and/or setting up an International office where you do a lot of business abroad only to blow your savings on wireless roaming every month. As the current average roaming rate in China (across the industry) is $5.99/minute whether you are making or receiving a call, I’m sure you can see how this can quickly add up even if the only thing you are doing is retrieving your voice mail.

Travelling Smart Overseas With Your Cellphone

Some time ago, I was in charge of developing a business concern on the beautiful island of Sri Lanka while based in the United States. At one point, I needed to send an employee there to set up the quality control program. This employee did not have a GSM cell phone so I lent him mine to use "in case of emergency only". The employee spent time each night chatting with family on the cell phone and came back with a $3,000 phone bill in two short weeks.

If you have a US GSM cell phone and service account, you may find that it will cost you something in the range of $3 per minute to use your phone overseas due to international roaming. As an example, on one trip to Hamburg, I had lost my party at a very large exposition. I used my cell phone to call them and found out that instead of it being a local call, it went to the US and back via their networks thus charging me for two international calls!

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