Top 5 Software For Business Process Management

Every day, for many owners and managers of enterprises, process management is becoming the main standard for doing business. But, to build a complete and efficient enterprise management cycle, it is still necessary to use modern automation tools. So, in this article, we will analyze the top 5 best software alternatives.

What is business process management?

From the monitoring of work, as well as in the development of the company, there is often a need to change business processes. Rational ideas for optimization can offer executors of operations. Thanks to the use of the BPM system, any business process remains flexible to change. The company can adjust the order of work and create new processes at any time.

Business process management systems came from the West, where this class of solutions is called BPM systems. Their main goal is to provide software support for process management in organizations.The business process management system allows you to model the company’s processes and automate their execution. It also provides the ability to monitor work at all stages and makes quick improvements.

The use of BPMS allows you to organize effective interaction between managers and IT professionals, make better use of existing and accelerate the development of new information systems. The main functions of BPMS are the modeling, execution, and monitoring of business processes. Based on monitoring data, organizations identify bottlenecks and improve their business processes. The management cycle ends when BPMS changes business processes are quickly put into operation.

The most important difference is that through the BPM system, unique business processes of the organization, including end-to-end ones, are modeled and automated, which allows the enterprise to respond more flexibly to external or internal changes.

The best software alternatives for business software management

So, there is a list of the top 5 BPM systems:

  1. ELMA BPM has a wide range of capabilities that enable the implementation and support of business processes. In this case, all functions of the system can be divided into 4 groups according to the stages of the life cycle of the PDCA process (Deming cycle) – planning (plan), execution (do), control (check), improvement (act).
  2. Pyrus is an online service for organizing collaboration and all business processes in one convenient interface. Suitable for companies of any size and business sector that do not want to spend a lot of time, money, and effort on automation.
  3. Bpium is an innovative designer of corporate information systems that allows you to digitize activities and robotize operations thanks to the BPM engine. Unlike traditional BPM systems, the software works on the principle of object-oriented organization management, allows you to describe the complex activities of the organization in the object editor, and sets the influence of objects on each other. 
  4. Virtual data room (VDR) is a program for automating various business processes, that makes it possible to keep records of all transactions, upload accounting reports, monitor the work of employees, and much more. It is a digital platform that provides a secure real-time collaboration tool, file-sharing, and data repository. 
  5. Bonita Open Solution is a French vendor. The solution consists of three main components, divided by purpose: Studio – modeling and automation of business processes; Execution Engine – execution of business processes; User Experience is an interface for the user to work with his processes. Modeling of Bonita Open Solution processes takes place in BPMN notation.