How to use Apple Pencil on Ipad?

When working with the iPad, you may sometimes need extra precision. Apple Pencil was created for such moments – a tool that further reveals the possibilities of Multi-Touch. In this article, we will discuss the main peculiarities of iPencil.

Apple Pencil – high accuracy and versatility

Apple Pencil expands the capabilities of the iPad Pro and opens new horizons for creativity. It responds to the force of pressure and tilt, so you can change the thickness of the lines, hatched, and create many other artistic effects, like a regular pencil that draws to the nearest pixel.

It is a convenient, accurate, almost magical tool for drawing, writing, and marking, which has set a very high standard. The new Apple Pencil raises this bar even higher. For example, it is magnetized to the iPad Pro to charge and pair. And it recognizes your touch, so double touch is enough to change the brush to an eraser. This new pencil emphasizes your abilities.

The use of styluses and pens makes working with a tablet/smartphone much more comfortable and convenient. Manufacturers will make styluses as convenient in operation as possible. Their design is compact and pleasant to the touch. And almost all styluses have the function of “ignoring the touch of your fingers.” This means that if you accidentally touch the screen with your hand while drawing with the stylus, the display will not respond to these touches, it will ignore them. This parameter is very important because it greatly simplifies the work. In addition, the styluses, unlike the fingers, do not leave any marks on the screen, which means that buying a stylus, will ensure the constant cleanliness of the display of your device.

Main features

  • The stylus is made of metal and plastic, and its design corresponds to the best traditions of the company. Apple Pencil has a carefully calibrated ergonomic shape, so you can not only comfortably hold it in your hand for a long time, but also work as comfortably as a regular pencil.
  • The completeness of the sensations is complemented by a virtually imperceptible delay, thanks to the signal transmission 240 times per second. A nice feature of Apple Pencil in everyday use is that 15 seconds of charging is enough for 30 minutes of drawing.
  • The new Pencil will start charging as soon as you magnetize it to the right edge of the iPad Pro. And immediately he will pair with your device.
  • It allows you to instantly switch drawing modes. To do this, double-tap the Apple Pencil where you hold it. This feature can be customized to make it easier to use the usual tools.
  • With its help, you can paint with watercolors, create an interior design, and retouch photos, and more.
  • Pencil is equipped with many advanced technologies that make them so easy to use. It may even seem that you have a real pencil in your hands because it transmits hand movements with incredible accuracy and almost imperceptible delay.
  • The device is the tool with the highest accuracy. It is capable of reproducing incredibly thin lines. Therefore, Apple Pencil is perfect for both technical drawings and elegant portraits. With a light touch, the line will be barely noticeable, and if you press harder – it will be thicker.
  • An electronic pencil can also serve as a marker, which is very convenient for highlighting the most important points in the text.