NordVPN Netflix Servers: Watch Worldwide Films without Restrictions

NordVPN is one of the few VPNs who allows you to access Netflix libraries. You can access the US, UK, Japan and also other libraries using NordVPN.

NordVPN Netflix Servers List

You can access 7 countries Netflix libraries using NordVPN. The list of servers and location is the following:

  • Netflix US: Connect with any US server to access Netflix US.
  • Netflix CA: All servers of Canada support.
  • Netflix JP: All servers of Japan
  • Netflix DE: All servers of Germany
  • Netflix UK: all servers of the united kingdom
  • Netflix FR: All servers of France
  • Netflix IT: All the server’s of Italy

How to Solve not Connecting Error

If you are not able to access a particular Netflix library then first try to connect with any other server of that country. If you are still facing error then clear your browser cache and restart your NordVPN app and setup your DNS address and Hopefully, your problem has been solved. If still facing error, then contact NordVPN via live chat and explain your issue.

Why NordVPN is Good for Netflix?

NordVPN allows you to access 7 countries Netflix libraries. Their streaming speed is also better as compared to lots of other VPNs.

NordVPN Netflix Speed Test

NordVPN is very fast and able to fully bypass the Netflix library. Below are the results that we noticed with our speed tests. speed tests I collected these results from different servers of NordVPN.

US server downloading speed is 91.71Mbps and uploading speed is 60.63Mbps. UK server downloading speed is 83.96Mbps and uploading speed is 49.99Mbps. While the Australia and Japan servers downloading speed are 75.81Mbps and 65.98Mbps respectively.

This was our speed test. Please, not that your observations might be different. Make sure your internet connection is strong and have good speed.

For further assistance go to Netflix and their device and internet speed requirements to stream without buffering.

No doubt, NordVPN speed is very good but we still recommend to use most Optimized and your nearest location so that you will not face slow speed error.

NordVPN Supported Devices for Netflix

NordVPN works with almost all devices like Windows, Android, iOS, Mac devices anyhow, they still are not supporting smart TVs. We observed it on several operating systems and found that their speed is almost the same.

Additionally, make sure that your operating system is updated and also make sure your VPN software or app is updated.

If you ask me, NordVPN is good to stream Netflix content. Except for me, there are lots of users you give positive reviews. A read several reviews on Reddit and found 70% plus positive reviews. The remains reviews show that it is not good for all locations.

You can also use NordVPN to access Amazon Prime and other popular sites. NordVPN also works well with Amazon prime and provides good speed.

NordVPN Other Benefits

NordVPN stands among the best VPNs. Except for Netflix content streaming, there are also other benefits that they provide to their users which are:

  • Hide Your Identity (Anonymous) – By using NordVPN you can browse anonymously which means that your activities can not be tracked by anyone.
  • No Restriction – NordVPN does not limit data download, upload or stream. You can browse, stream and download as for as your VPN subscription is active.
  • Unblock Sites which are Block by Local Authorities – Sometimes a country or region do not want their people to browse a specific site. For example, you can not use Facebook and WhatsApp in China. In such a case, NordVPN can be used to unblock all such sites.
  • Ultra-Fast Speed – NordVPN is very fast compared to his competitor VPN providers. Moreover, it’s packages are not costly.
  • Support Many Devices – NordVPN supports Windows, Mac, Android and all other types of popular operating systems. You can install their respective application of your operating system from their official web and also can use it with OpenVPN and routers. Anyhow they still not supporting smart TV.