Google Provided New Tricks in 2018

Google Provided New Tricks in 2018: Is It So?

People love Google tricks, and that is why lots of them are looking for new Google tricks all the time. Today, you can find lots of articles and videos making you think that Google has provided new exciting skills, but it is not so.

Many methods have already been revealed, but while some new features are found in different Google applications, nothing new was indeed discovered in 2018.  However, there are still lots of people who do not know about the fantastic Google tricks that they can check out. If you are one of them, you should go through the list of known tricks Google provided below.

Do a Barrel Roll

It is one of the best tricks from Google that everybody likes. To check it out, you should do the following actions:

  •      Go to;
  •      Type “do a barrel roll;”
  •      Click on the ?I’m feeling lucky’ button.

Whatever happened, do not panic! There is nothing wrong with your computer. You will surely want to repeat the maneuver. Google allows you to do it many times. In this way, you can also access a range of other great tricks and games by Google. I liked the “Underwater” option.

Zerg Rush

If you wish to check out another great trick by Google, type ?Zerg Rush’ and click on search. You will see a bunch of circles that you should destroy quickly by clicking on them. If you do not manage to do it, they will promptly erase all search results.


Just type askew in your search box, and this is another situation when you may think that something is wrong with your computer. What it does is tilting your google page. It is an amusing thing to show your friends.

Blink HTML

If you type ?Blink HTML,’ and you will see how each of these two words is blinking. It is also a pretty cool thing, and you should try it and also show your friends!

Atari Breakout

If you want to play a funny game, Google will help you. Just go to ?Images’ and type ?Atari Breakout.’ In a few seconds, all images will transform into the game field, and you can start playing an exciting game with a ball.


You can watch how the page crashes with the google gravity trick. To check it out, type ?Google gravity’ in the search box and then click on ?I’m feeling lucky.’ You will be able to grab and move the words with your mouse.


It is so great to play guitar thanks to Google! You need to type ?Google Guitar’ and press ?I’m feeling lucky.’ You will be taken to another page where you can play the instrument by typing letters. Please keep in mind that it might not work well in Chrome, so you should use either Firefox or Internet Employer.

There are so many fantastic Google tricks and games that do not allow being bored. If you have never tried them before, you really should. At the same time, we hope that Google will launch new tricks in the nearest future.