My Programming Laboratory for Education?

How Can I Choose My Programming Laboratory for Education?

Learning programming languages is a great thing because it gives students lots of perspectives. However, it may be quite challenging to teach them because a teacher has to relate the theoretical knowledge to the real world. That is why you want to find a convenient solution to simplify the learning process for your students as much as possible.

Today, lots of developers launch programming laboratory, allowing students to get the necessary knowledge and experience in a specific programming language. You can search on the Internet for something that you need, but in this article, we will provide both teachers and students with a few options that should be paid attention to.

Wolfram Programming Lab

The concept underlying Wolfram language is automating processes as much as possible because it allows writing a tiny piece of code for the computer to figure out everything else.

Students can use immediately instantly readable code to develop programs using real-world data, generate graphics, and explore many computational topics. Not only will they discover coding, but also various STEM skills.

When a student learns this langue, one is also learning Mathematica, which is the software used for technical courses at 90% of universities in the US.

Programming Lab has two main components, including the following:

  •      Explorations are small interactive activities that contain editable code. Explorations allow interacting with the system in an immersive manner, providing the right points of inspiration for learners to try something on their own;
  •      Elementary Introduction is an interactive textbook that allows students to go through the main points step-by-step. It is an excellent source of systematic learning.

C Programming Laboratory by Udemy

The c programming language is very detailed, and it is one of the best choices for beginners because it is the most significant ways to learn computer programming.

Lots of drivers and compilers are designed in this language because it is capable of interacting with low-level hardware and is very detailed in the storage of data. C programming Laboratory does not require previous experience.

? Programming Laboratory by Udemy is excellent for the following people:

  •      Those interested in programming;
  •      Beginners in computer programming;
  •      University students.


It is the Virtual Programming lab designed for easy management of programming assignments in Moodle. It comes with features allowing editing, running, and evaluating programs, which significantly simplifies the learning process for students as well as the evaluation task for educators.

Lab by IIIT Hyderabad

This Computer Programming Lab allows students to enjoy interactive experiments and an opportunity to learn and better understand the basic concepts and constructs of computer programming.

It covers ten different concepts in C programming, including the following:

  •      Pointers;
  •      Recursion;
  •      Functions;
  •      Advanced Control Flow;
  •      Numerical Approximation;
  •      Basic Control Flow;
  •      Arrays;
  •      Structures;
  •      Strings;
  •      Expression Evaluation with simulations and more.

Programming Lab by Vocareum

This Programming Lab provides an excellent computing environment for programming assignments and practice. This is a cloud-based learning software library that has a user-friendly workbench for creating, distributing, and evaluating coding assignments.

The following are some of the features of the lab:

  •      Auto-graded assignments;
  •      In-line feedback on the code;
  •      Leaderboards and others.

Thanks to programming labs, both teachers and student can enjoy a more convenient and effective learning process. While choosing something may seem challenging, you will be able to make the right choice based on what you need and other factors.