A Guide to Designing an Optimum Platform for your Online Business

If you plan to launch an online business, the website will be your flagship, and it demands a lot of thought and consideration at the design stage, in order to provide everything you are looking for in a website. There are questions that need to be answered

  • What type of business is the website going to promote?
     If you are planning a shopping cart site, then Magento Commerce is the perfect software, and if your business is based in Australia, there are Melbourne web developers who are very proficient with this software and can tailor the site to suit the industry.
    If the site is mainly text and images, the WordPress is the best package to use, as it has the best reputation among the many content management systems on the market today.
  • Are you selling products or providing a service? Service related industries do not really need shopping cart facilities, although you would definitely want online booking facilities and secure online payment facilities, and it is issues like this that the web developer will address.

  • If you have a large stock inventory, then the ideal configuration would be to separate the items into categories, and with shopping cart facilities on specific pages only, you can have a combination between providing information and selling products.

Colours and Styles

Whatever the software you are using, there are unlimited options for colour and style, and this is one area where the web designer would require your input.  Your website is very much your flagship and it should reflect your company in many ways.

Fast Loading Pages While we all try to cram our site with high definition images and lots of useful articles, the more content you upload, the greater the risk of losing customers due to slow page loading.

The digital consumer is spoiled in many ways, and most will not wait longer than a few seconds for a page to load, and if they leave the site for any reason, the chances are they won?t ever return. Whether or not a page loads quickly is very much down the people who built it, and with their ongoing support, slow page loading will not be an issue.

Adequate Hosting Your web developer should also offer a web hosting service, and typically, there would be a range of packages to suit every budget, but it is worth bearing in mind, if you want a fast and responsive website, then you will need a decent package that gives you ample bandwidth and a number of essential plug-ins and add ons.

Hosting packages range from something that is free, which is suitable for a novice blogger, who only has to secure a domain name and can begin to explore the world of site management, to a large multi-national corporation, who would require dedicated servers and many other features.

And with everything in between, there will be a package that suits your business, and with the ability to upgrade at any time, you can steadily grow at your own pace. Online web developers are experienced in providing tailored solutions, and without their help, it would be next to impossible to carve a successful path in the world of e-commerce.