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Why It Is Important to hire an Internet Crime Lawyer

The number of internet crimes keeps growing day by day because more people use technologies that always keep developing. Lots of people become victims of cybercriminals, and they can do different actions to decrease the damage. In this article, we are going to talk about those accused of committing such crimes and how they can defend themselves.

What Are the Types of Internet Crime?

There are numerous Internet crimes and all of them come with certain specifics that you cannot know if you do not have many years of experience in the field.

The following are the main types of cybercrime:

  •      Cyberstalking is harassing or threatening a victim via emails or chat rooms. Not only such behavior is frightening, but it may also be dangerous;
  •      Cyber terrorism means conducting actions aiming at stealing data and shutting down computers. For example, an angry employee might want to shut down the entire network of the formal employer;
  •      Cyber theft aims at stealing national security files, financial records, and other sensitive information through hacking. This information is often used for identity fraud.

Possible Consequences for Committing an Internet Crime

Although the legislation regulating cyberspace is still not developed well, it is enough for punishing people for engaging in criminal activities. The punishment depends on the severity of Internet crime and can include the following:

  •      Community service;
  •      Probation;
  •      Heavy fines;
  •      Restitution;
  •      Imprisonment.

If you are charged with Internet crime, it is essential to find a good lawyer who will help you to avoid serious consequences. For additional information, check our lawyer partners’ website, which can give lawyer advice in Switzerland and Europe – Swissfirma

Defenses that you might need

There are different crime defense strategies applied depending on charges, and below you find some helpful information on that.

If you are accused of cyberstalking

Cyberstalking may require using the following strategies:

  •      No credible threat. You can only be charged with that if a crime is proven. The absence of sufficient evidence regarding your intent to harm will defeat a cyberstalking charge;
  •      Mistaken identity is one of the biggest challenges for a prosecutor because the Internet ensures anonymity. If it is impossible to prove that it was the defendant sending the threatening messages, then the mistaken identity will likely be asserted;
  •      Constitutionally protected speech is often used for defense because free speech is protected by law and it is something that is very difficult for the government to overcome.

Being accused of identity theft

A few key defense strategies can be applied:

  •      The absence of unlawful purpose means that if there is no illegal use of data, there is no crime;
  •      Mistaken identity can be used since the Internet makes it possible for a victim to make false assumptions;
  •      Hardware/software providers cannot be charged with identity theft unless it is proven that they acted without the law.

Why Do You Need to Hire a Lawyer?

It is essential to understand that being charged with an Internet crime is a serious matter. Unfortunately, there are lots of people who become suspects just because they downloaded a virus, clicked on a wrong website, or become a victim of phishing/identity theft. There are lots of different types of Internet crimes and many laws governing them, so it can be challenging to choose the right criminal defense strategy.

The investigation process may be quite long and hassle, and if you are found guilty, you may have to pay penalties, face possible incarceration, and even both. Therefore, the legal process may become costly, long, and stressful. Unlikely, you will be able to handle everything without the help of a lawyer.