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5 Ways Unlocked Cell Phones Makes Your Day Better

5 ways in which your unlocked cell phone makes your day better in more ways than one. We’re all slaves to our cell phone plan and provider. You want a certain cell phone? Then, my friend, you’ll have to agree to all sorts of draconian rules and what not. Wouldn’t it be cool to just buy whatever phone you want and use whatever plan you want? This article will explain exactly why unlocked cell phones are the solution to your problems. More than that, it will give you some reasons to why your day will be much better with an unlocked GSM cell phone in your pocket. Just read on and be amazed.

Before we go into those great benefits, we’d like to take a moment to explain to you the difference between locked and unlocked GSM cell phones. Most of the cell phones you wish to buy are usually “locked” to one or another provider. That means you can only use them within their network, and at their pay rates. So, if you want to buy that cell phone that everyone’s been drooling over, but you’re already subscribed to a great plan, then tough luck. Oh wait, not really, since you can buy that cell phone unlocked, allowing you to use it on your existing plan. And that will make your day better because:

1. You’ll have more money in your pocket. Yep, more money for you. You won’t be chained to who knows what costly plan. You’ll have your new unlocked cell phone working on your old plan. The one that doesn’t rip your pockets apart.

2. You’ll turn heads on the street. That’s an elegant way to say that you’ll be admired for your beautiful unlocked GSM cell phone. Only nobody will know it’s unlocked, and they’ll presume you’ve got what it takes to pay the plan it’s advertised to come with. Chicks will dig you! Don’t worry girls, guys will dig you too!

3. Your dog will love you more. Or your cat, we don’t know what pet you own. It seems like a stretch, but it’s not, really, really. More money in your pocket means more money for the little guy. Dog toys, food, you name it. Before you know it, you’ll have a healthier, happier, fatter animal. That will simply adore you. If you don’t have a pet, then, you know, someone else’s pet will surely love you.

4. You’ll be happy. It’s a proven fact. When we buy what we really want, we’re happy. And since you got your cell phone unlocked, you’re even happier. Not only did you buy the gizmo you’ve always wanted, but you’ve also beaten the system. Now that’s something to be proud of!

5. You’ll be a hero for your friends. Wait until they hear the story of your brave feats. How you went and bought a cell phone that you couldn’t use. How then, with only your wit and incredibly powerful personal charm, you went ahead and purchased it unlocked. How smart of you that you can now use it on your existing plan and talk on it for as long as you wish, depending on your current plan. They’ll be awed. They’ll worship you (for at least for a day or two).

Getting an unlocked GSM cell phone is really easy as many online retailers sell it that way. At the end of the day, you’ll be left with an unlocked cell phone and a definite feeling of success in your chest.

by Paul Wise